CSE 470 HW #3: Lights, Camera, Action!

Gray Olson

April 2nd, 2018

Description: This program displays two Gourad-shaded Surfaces of Revolution. The first is simply a cylinder and the second is a pot/vase-looking object based on a sin-wave generator function.

Materials:The two materials I made were meant to immitate a shiny blue plastic and a metallic copper like material. The plastic is done with a high shininess factor to make it look glossy and the specular is pure white since it is a nonmetallic substance. The copper material on the other hand as a fairly low shininess factor to make it look like it is not perfectly shiny/chromed but rather a bit foggy. It specular highlight has a tint, biased red based on its own color, which gives it a familiar metallic look.

Light Radius

Click and drag the canvas to rotate!

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